What our Customers say...


I called SERVPRO in Mountain View the morning after our sump pump failed and our lower level started letting water in. It was storm time and they estimated they could be there that afternoon. Within an hour of calling, the first triage team arrived. They helped my move furniture, extracted all they could and then raised the carpet and placed air movers and a dehumidifier's throughout the floor. Next day the wonderful Erik arrived to check on progress and was very thorough in making sure that the driers were doing their job, which they were! took a couple of driers out of service, and repositioned others. Wanted to make sure that the walls were completely dry also. A couple of days later, the job was done. Billing was very fair, only charging us for the equipment that we really needed. Excellent customer service, and the first place I'd call for any future needs!

Found mold in the closet of our little one after the record rains.  Called SERVPRO and they were very prompt in their response. Roger came by two days later and could not have been more kind, informative, and professional. He took care to fully explain the problem and did not take advantage of a stressful situation by using scare tactics. After he finished he also helped me in trying to locate the source of the moisture, which in my case was very difficult to pin down.

I could not be more satisfied with the whole experience.  I have already recommended SERVPRO of Mountain View/Los Altos to my friends, and if I ever need this type of service again (knock on dry wood), I know who to call.

Colton helped me understand what was going on better. He explained everything to me in detail, the process and follow up to make sure there was no remaining water damage that would lead to mold. I had no idea any of this until he had explained it to me. Thanks to Colton, I now know the process and fully understand what is happening at my property.  Thanks!

If you ever find yourself in need of mold removal, this is the company to call! Roger was professional and efficient throughout the entire process. The remediation was completed in a timely manner and the work performed was neat and organized.
Roger went above and beyond making sure I was informed every step of the way. Thanks Roger!

I had a great experience with SERVPRO of Mountain View/Los Altos.  I had a burst pipe ruin my kitchen and living room.  I spoke with Edwin and Stephanie, who were extremely knowledgeable, and professional.  They explained everything to e and helped calm me down.  The technicians, Dave and Sebastian, were courteous, professional, hard working, and time to answer all my questions.  The drying process took several days and, during that time, Dave checked in everyday at time that was convenient for me.

After loosing my home and my prize possession due to a fire, that started 2 houses from mine, I was devastated beyond disbelief. I was in a position where I didn't know how or where to begin. I called SERVPRO and spoke with Josh he was very professional and had excellent customer service skills. He proceeded to educate me on the process of what SERVPRO services entails. Josh and the owner Edwin personally came out to my residence immediately after speaking with them an hour after our initial conversation. Edwin and Josh did a through walk threw and assessed my property and my damaged belongings.  They assured me that SERVPRO would assist me in restoring my lively hood. I was so impressed with their calm demeanor and the professional knowledge of restoring my home. I would recommend SERVPRO for any emergency situation. They made me feel like there was hope during this difficult and tragic time that I went through. Thank you SERVPRO for all you have done.

I contacted the office of SERVPRO Mountain View Los Altos when my upstairs neighbor overflowed her toilet all night, down into my condo unit and caused water damage in my master bathroom. I had no idea what I should do but the office staff at SERVPRO Mountain View Los Altos, walked me through the steps of what needed to be done, and sent a technician over at my convenience, to look at the damage. The technician Ray, thoroughly explained what he was going to do, and came in daily to make sure everything was drying properly. He even offered the upstairs condo to take moisture readings, to make sure their condo was dry in order to prevent any further damage to my condo. The office staff is friendly and gives great advise.  I would recommend them to anyone has a water damage emergency, and if something like this ever happened again, I will know exactly who to call.

We had smoke damage throughout our house in Los Gatos and not ever having experience with this, I thought, "Wipe it down, vacuum carpets with baking soda, do 40 loads of laundry, sleep with windows open a few days."

After a few miserable days and nights with that attempt and wondering if my house and belongings were all ruined forever, I called a local restoration company, paid a lot of money out of pocket, and the entire house smelled as dreadfully as it had before.

Discussing our situation at work, someone said to my husband:  "SMOKE DAMAGE...are you crazy?  You can't clean it yourself and you must work with a top quality restoration company.  We used SERVPRO and there is NO ONE else you should call."

I called my insurance company and told them what had transpired and about the company I had hired.  My adjuster wasn't surprised when he heard that the house was still a disaster.  I told him we'd then been referred to SERVPRO. He confirmed that that was THE company to call.

I called SERVPRO and spoke with Edwin...one of the best calls I've ever made.  Truly, from the moment he took charge of the situation, I started to feel relief--and soon felt joy--that everything would be back to normal.

Edwin is professional, punctual, dependable, and kind.  But it goes further with this SERVPRO team:  all the staff are that way.  I was surprised every day with some conscientious way the team went beyond the call of duty to get our house back to normal ASAP and to make us feel cared for in the process.

If you are dealing with a damaged house--I know how you feel :(   Do yourself a favor  and call SERVPRO immediately--you'll feel better in about 5 mins!

Often, as I walk through my house, I say a little gratitude prayer--that includes gratitude for finding the team that made it "Like it never even happened."

I called SERVPRO for emergency assistance with a washing machine mishap; they came out in a flash and immediately set-up the fans and blowers due to the water mess.  During the four day ordeal they called daily and came by in person.  Essentially, they were extremely attentive and professional - and informative.  And, when they finished the work, they cleaned up! This is not the service my insurance company recommended, I called SP as my neighbors had used their services with great reports. When it came time to address the insurance payment, Lynette Padilla in the SP office was beyond professional, helpful and understanding - and that makes a huge impact when you are dealing with a situation that is stressful and unnerving.  I cannot express enough thanks to Lynette and team!

THANK YOU RAY, STEPHANIE, KIMBERLY, ROGER, and ALL of the Mountain View/Los Altos SERVPRO team, for taking such great care of us when my dads house in S.J. was flooded from a toilet overflow. You helped make a catastrophic and stressful situation easier! I HIGHLY recommend your team for anyone needing fast, quality help, with kindness and understanding all the way through!!

Thank you all so very much!!