Recent Before & After Photos

Extinguisher dust in Los Altos home

It's important to have an extinguisher on hand in case of a small fire to quickly extinguish it and minimize the fire damage or even prevent it. However, when t... READ MORE

Smoke remediation post neighboring fire in Mountain View

This apartment unit in Mountain view got affected by smoke damage from a neighboring unit fire. A quick response from SERVPRO of Mountain View was important at ... READ MORE

Electrical fire caused fire and smoke damage to the unit in Mountain View

This apartment unit in Mountain View suffered from an electrical fire in the living room ceiling by the HVAC closet. The damage to the property was caused not o... READ MORE

Real Estate agents reached out for help

A real estate agent reached out to us for help because they found mushrooms growing in one of their rental properties due to a toilet leak from the second floor... READ MORE

Water damage in an office space

This office space suffered a water damage to their laminate flooring. When water seeps under the laminate floor, the flooring has to be removed because there is... READ MORE

Demo in commercial space

When there is a fire in a commercial space, especially food retail, we have to meet different standards in our cleaning and fire remediation services. In this f... READ MORE

Local businesses working together

We work with other local businesses in their time of need to provide service they are not able to perform themselves and vise versa. This this situation, a loca... READ MORE

Puzzling water loss

In these before and after pictures, the homeowner called us out to mitigate a water loss that came from the shower valve, but we had to figure out the path of w... READ MORE

Because leaky appliances go unnoticed

Sometime appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators with ice makers spring a small leak in the water supply connection and go unnoticed until it is too late.... READ MORE

Soot is not always visible

After fires, smoke and soot also affect your home and is sometimes the hardest to remediate. Smoke permeates any soft goods like fabric covered furniture, drape... READ MORE