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Commercial Cleaning Services & Companies

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Commercial Cleaning Services & Companies

Our fundamental offerings all fall under the commercial cleaning services umbrella. As the Bay Area front-running, most rapidly expanding and truly nationwide commercial cleaning company & deep cleaning company – we’re proud to offer an extensive range of top tier services to an ever-expanding customer base.

Offering our clients commercial cleaning Mountain View and surrounding areas is what we’re all about. It’s what we’ve always been about and is largely the reason behind our continued successes to date. We refuse to be distracted by the things that don’t matter and instead choose to focus on the most important things of all: quality and consistency of service.

Many individuals make the mistake of assuming that national cleaning companies will never be able to offer the same carefully tailored and dedicated services as a local cleaning service. Though there may be some truth in this, what must be taken into account in our case is the fact that we started out as local commercial cleaners!

Nationwide Commercial Cleaners & Deep Cleaning Company

We work with clients all over the Bay Area and in all sectors. From schools and educational institutions to hospitals, care homes, hotels and restaurants – our team is fully qualified, equipped and ready to take on any job, anywhere in the Bay Area.

Whether you require window cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, industrial premises cleaning or whatever else – SERVPRO Of Mountain View are guaranteed to get the job done.

We offer a comprehensive range of services and are one of the Bay Area only commercial cleaning companies to offer a Bay Area service. With offices in Mountain View -upon-Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Sunnyvale and all surrounding cities, we’re geared up to strike any location in a fast and effective manner.

For a more detailed understanding of what we do take a look at our full range of services. At SERVPRO Of Mountain View we don’t want to be the biggest – we want to be the best. No matter what service you require, we will quality check it within 24 hours of completion.

For more information on any of our services get in touch with our customer service team by calling us @ 6507702992. Let’s work together to allow you and your business to benefit from a cleaning, more secure environment.

Bay Area Full Building Cleaning

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Bay Area Full Building Cleaning

Whether you are going through the build process of a new home or renovating your existing one, once the builders have gone, you need a full building cleaning to make your home livable. From dirt in every corner to paint in skirting boards, your builders will leave behind a ton of mess.

If you are a construction company, homeowner, interior designer or a property developer, choose our SERVPRO Of Mountain View  full building clean service and property maintenance to make your space sparkle and gleam.

Fully Qualified After Builders Cleaners

With years of experience in after builders cleaning, our team of fully trained and qualified builders’ cleaners is professional and reliable. We will take all the stress off your mind to ensure your home is clean, bright and sparkling.

What’s more, our Bay Area building cleaning service is available 24/7 to make sure you can start enjoying your space at the earliest. With offices in Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Menlo Park we are able to provide entire building cleaning services to the highest standards.

Call us now @6507702992 or visit our website

SERVPRO Of Mountain View Fire Damage Restoration

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SERVPRO Of Mountain View Fire Damage Restoration

A fire incident is extremely dangerous. The immediate step to take after the fire settles is to clean up the site completely to restore your property to its former glory. At SERVPRO Of Mountain View , we provide a fire damage restoration quickly, effectively and efficiently without causing disruption.

SERVPRO Leading Fire Damage Restoration Service

With years of experience in flame damage restoration, we are a trusted nationwide service. Businesses and homeowners trust us for our professional, reliable and affordable fire restoration following a fire incident.

Emergency Call Out

All our fire damage restorer technicians are fully trained and have years of experience. We provide 24/7 emergency call out service to help restore your property when you’re in need of it. As a nationwide fire restoration service, we are able to reach to you within 1 hours anywhere in the Bay Area, including Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. We also offer flood restoration services across the Bay Area, so here at SERVPRO Of Mountain View we really do have absolutely everything covered.

Our Fire Damage Restoration at a Glance

  • 24/7 emergency call out.
  • Prompt fire damage assessment.
  • Pretesting and fire estimate.
  • Clean up after fire damage.
  • Removal of smoke and soot.
  • Restoration of building and contents.
  • Soot fix applications.
  • Waste disposal in a controlled manner.
  • Smoke odor removal.
  • PAT testing of electrical items.
  • Cleaning of all items affected by soot and smoke – walls, floors, carpets etc.

Get in Touch Today
You can call us @6507702992 or email us at

WHY SERVPRO Of Mountain View , Los Altos ?

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When you have an emergency, you need someone that is going to be there for emergency disaster response and take care of the situation speedily and professionally. We understand this and work tirelessly to keep the quality of our disaster relief is as high as it can possibly be.


SERVPRO Of Mountain View Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your emergency situation and take away your stress. Whether it be that you need a water extraction due to flood, a crime scene clean up, or need emergency power, Disaster Cleanup Specialists is there to lend a hand.


With our technicians’ members on our team, our licensed team of disaster clean up specialists will go to your home or business and service your disaster response needs. We help all types of property owners recover from natural disasters and emergencies. From small basement floods in your home to large commercial property fires, our disaster relief team is on call and ready to respond. We have one of the largest inventories of emergency restoration and disaster clean up equipment.


Our expert staff is ready to help restore safety to your property. Our vast experience with insurance companies and providers ensures we can handle insurance claims and make the insurance claim process simple and easy for you. We’ll deal directly with your company from start to finish.


Disaster Cleanup Specialists performs property damage restoration and additionally, we provide training for property managers, insurance agents and homeowners on property safety and emergency safety response. Working in conjunction with over one hundred major insurance carriers we will assist in your settlement until your project is complete.


We work to not only service our customers for all of their disaster response and disaster restoration needs but also their insurance repair needs. This helps to restore peace of mind during those particularly stressful times. Our content and electronic division will remove your property, inventory, and clean all personal or business personal property damaged in a fire, flood or other disaster.

We will securely store your property in our disaster recovery warehouse, which is climate controlled and vaulted for security until the structural repairs are completed.

The following emergency services are available:

CALL US today @6507702992 or email us at
We will make “Like it never even happened. ‘’

we are Insurance partners

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WHY SERVPRO Of Mountain View?
 we’re actively building relationships with Insurance partners. For brokers, assessors and insurance companies we offer a unique, fast and comprehensive service to benefit you and your clients.


For insurers in Bay Area, SERVPRO Of Mountain View can offer a fire, flood and clean-up response service that’s fast and comprehensive. Insurers will get a dedicated line to our expert response advisors. We’ll work with insurers and their clients and stakeholders to provide the best possible response to the incident. We also understand that it’s important to adhere to the terms of the insurance policy.


For brokers in Bay Area, SERVPRO Of Mountain View can offer a fire, flood and clean-up response service that’s fast and comprehensive. We’ve got years of experience in dealing directly with brokers and have built long lasting relationships with some of USA leading insurance brokers. We look forward to adding your brokerage to our list.


For assessors in Bay Area, SERVPRO Of Mountain View can offer a fire, flood and clean-up response service that’s fast and comprehensive. We’ll work with you and your client to provide the best possible solution to cover their needs. We’re happy to make adjustments to our solutions to better meet the needs of you and your client.

Loss adjusters

SERVPRO Of Mountain View has experience in working with loss adjusters to better meet the criteria of their insurance company. We’re happy to revise solutions to ensure all parties are satisfied. For loss adjusters in Bay Area, SERVPRO Of Mountain View can offer a fire, flood and clean-up response service that’s fast and comprehensive.


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Why SERVPRO Restoration Services:

SERVPRO Of Mountain View , Los Altos Is your local water damage, Fire, Mold, restoration specialist covering Mountain View , Los ALTOS , LOS ALTOS Hills & The surrounds

When a water disaster strikes, give us a call. We can be with you the same day in most cases. Water damage in your home or business is a serious matter; it can shortly become very dangerous in the long run if mold grows.

Water Damage can be caused by multiple sources such as broken water or sewage pipes; dishwasher, washing machine, or appliance malfunctions; or heavy rain and river water flooding.

This, time is of the essence when you’ve discovered water damage on your property; we can begin by undertaking a thermal imaging survey, complemented with ultrasound, in order to map the damp and non-destructively establish where the water originated and prove how much of your property has been affected. This can be crucial in demonstrating just how far we need to go in the restoration process. Our reports facilitate insurance water damage restoration claims with the empirical facts and figures you will need, compliant with techniques outlined in the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Water Damage Restoration.

Residential & Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Don’t let water damage depreciate the value of your home or business property.

Not only can putting off water damage restoration , but our experience has shown that more than 48 hours after the flood damage many valuable possessions are no longer salvageable and unfortunately require costly replacement. Worse, structural damage to untreated walls and floors could become irreversible and result in your home or business premises needing complete refurbishment.

SERVPRO Of Mountain View offers our customers the full of water damage restoration services including not only structural drying and water removal but also content cleaning, structural repairs, flooded carpet cleaning, painting and complete refurbishment to pre-damage condition.

Restoration Should Take Place ASAP

Get your water damage treated quickly, you can minimize the potential cost of restoration costs and stop the growth of contaminants.

The water damaged area is less likely to grow mold if it is properly dried within 48 hours of damage. Mold is extremely difficult to eliminate once established, frequently causing problems for many months. Let our professional associates from Water Damage respond to you right away for an accurate damage assessment and a free quote.

WHY SERVPRO Of Mountain View , Los Altos ?
1-We Are Faster to Any Size Emergency.
2-We Make it Like “It Never Even Happened”.
3- our team of experts can be on site within the hour to treat the problem.

Flood Damage Restoration

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Flood Damage Restoration

With weather becoming more volatile because of climate change, flooding is a growing problem in the Bay area . Homes and businesses not hit by floods in the past can suddenly be inundated by water from water courses or surcharging sewers.

SERVPRO Of Mountain View , Los Altos provides comprehensive flood cleaning support for businesses and homeowners. Our expert services, developed over many years of service, include: emergency flood water pumping and removal, flood clean-up and waste removal, building drying and flood water building restoration.

Speed is essential in responding to flood incidents. Our experienced and trained specialist teams can be with you straight away. We can then work with you professionally and sensitively through every step of the flood recovery process.

Contact us about flood damage cleaning:6507702992

Who We Work With?

As one of the United States leading flood clean-up specialists, we work with commercial and industrial businesses, utility companies, and homeowners to deliver flood recovery support.

Organizations we have helped after floods including colleges, care homes, manufacturers, IT specialists, supermarkets and other retailers, sports clubs, social housing landlords and local authorities, as well as private home owners.

During the flood recovery process, we also work closely with, and on behalf of, insurance companies, and loss assessors, and building surveyors and contractors so flood damage is properly identified and repaired. Our expertise is invaluable to these agencies in assessing what can be saved and what needs to be replaced.

Related SERVPRO Of Mountain View Services

  1. Fire and smoke damage cleaning
  2. Sewage cleaning
  3. MOLD Removal and clean up.
  4. COVID-19 Disinfecting, Sanitizing cleaning.
  5. Trauma clean up.

Flood Damage Clean-Up Process

Once a building has been safely evacuated, work can begin to restore your premises to full operation again. We will first pump all flood water out of the building, using a vacuum tanker if necessary, and assess remaining damage.

Our specialist flood waste teams will then remove all irreparably damaged stock, equipment and room furnishings. Being flooded is a traumatic experience. We always work sensitively and sympathetically with property owners. Nothing is removed without full approval.

Your building will be extensively cleaned with our specialist equipment and professionally inspected for structural damage. The building will then by dried in a carefully planned process to suppress mold and mildew growth and prevent further damage during the drying process.

We use sophisticated professional dryers and dehumidifiers managed in a way that accelerates the drying process while protecting your building. We can also carry out disinfection processes, such as fogging, to eliminate bad odors and bacteria.

Flood Damage Clean Up and Restoration

We offer our flood damage clean up and restoration services across the Bay Area At SERVPRO of Mountain View , Los Altos  we have a highly skilled team who specialize in flood damage restoration for both residential and commercial properties.


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The trauma and disruption caused by a fire in any home or business cannot be underestimated. That is why it is so important to make the right decisions in responding quickly to the emergency.

SERVPRO Of Mountain View teams are trained and experienced in fire damage cleaning and restoration. That includes using the right specialist techniques and to deploy them sensitively, working with other experts if necessary to implement and manage an effective recovery plan.

Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration

As an emergency cleaning specialist, our services are set up to respond rapidly to a fire, 24 hours a day. Our teams have all the correct protective clothing, equipment and cleaning materials to start work straight away.

Our teams work with clients and their representatives, including insurance companies, to assess the type and severity of fire damage and take precisely the right measures needed to deal with.

We will help identify items that can be saved and those so badly damaged that they must be disposed of. Our emergency waste teams will take damaged items to an authorized site for safe disposal.

We then use specialist cleaning techniques and materials to thoroughly clean surfaces affected by smoke and soot damage.

Smoke And Soot Damage Cleaning

Smoke and soot damage from fires can cause some of the biggest and longest lasting problems in domestic and business properties.

Soot and smoke damage cleaning is such a vital and urgent task, even in places where the soot residue may not be immediately visible.

SERVPRO Of Mountain View teams are trained in deep cleaning techniques using the latest professional cleaning agents. This means they can complete this meticulous task to a standard that cannot be expected of conventional cleaners.

Related SERVPRO Of Mountain View Services

Fire And Smoke Odor Removal

Effective smoke clean-up is essential because fire damage odors can linger for a long time after a fire, making buildings unpleasant to live or work in. Deep cleaning all surfaces and items salvaged fire is a first important step.

SERVPRO Of Mountain View teams can then carry out thermal fogging in smoke-damaged rooms. This process fills affected spaces with a non-toxic chemical vapor that helps to neutralize residual odors and providing long-term protection against their return.

Fire Water Removal and Restoration

Water damage is also very often associated with fires, from water used by the fire service, from the use of fire extinguishers deployed by business staff or sprinkler systems.

Fire water is particularly hazardous because it often contains potentially toxic chemical compounds created by the fire. It may also contain sewage released by surcharged drains.

SERVPRO Of Mountain View can assist in dealing safely and effectively with this hazard. Working with other specialist service providers, we will arrange for fire flood water to be removed from premises.

We also have a full range of services for carrying out water damage cleaning and water damage restoration, which will be integrated seamlessly into our fire recovery service.

Who We Work With?

SERVPRO Of Mountain View provides an emergency response service for many property professionals, including facilities managers, estate agents and landlords. Our cleaning teams are often among the first support services on the scene after a fire.

We are experienced at working with fire service personnel and police, plus loss adjusters, insurance companies and insurance brokers, assisting them, with our clients’ permission, in responding effectively to fire emergencies.

Dangers From Fire and Smoke Damage

Effective fire and smoke damage cleaning is vitally important because of the wide range of risks created by a fire emergency. These include:

  • Injury risk caused by fire damaged structures and items, including slips, trips and falls
  • Toxin and pathogen risks associated with fire wastewater
  • Fire water damage to structures and other items
  • Smoke and soot damage to structures and items, including potential hidden damage to electrical systems.

Fire And Smoke Damage Cleaning Services

At SERVPRO Of Mountain View we offer our fire and smoke damage cleaning services across the Bay Area. We have a specialist team of highly trained staff who focus on fire and smoke damage cleaning in both commercial and residential properties.

We also offer smoke damage cleaning and fire damage repair.

Talk to a friendly and knowledgeable member of the SERVPRO Of Mountain View team about our fire and smoke damage cleaning service. Call 6507702992

Accredited COVID-19 Cleaning

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Accredited COVID-19 Cleaning

SERVPRO Of Mountain View’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) decontamination service is one of the first in the US to be accredited for COVID-19 cleaning under the IICRC scheme.

This gives our customers added assurance that they are receiving advanced disinfection services from a specialist contractor trusted to deliver a quality service – which is so vital when you want to be sure you are dealing effectively with the COVID-19 threat.

Our Omicron COVID-19 cleaning service has been designed from the bottom up to be safe and effective, helping you give staff and customers all the reassurance they need that your premises are COVID-19 secure, in line with government regulations.

Who We Work For?

We are trusted to deliver COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) decontamination services for a wide range of organizations and business. They include national public transport providers, postal delivery companies, manufacturers, healthcare providers, schools and colleges, residential care providers and retailers. We have worked for the nation’s most recognizable names .

What Our Customers Say

“We engaged SERVPRO Of Mountain View Services in advance of reopening our multi-site operation to ensure a safe environment and peace of mind for our staff and customers. SERVPRO mobilized quickly and have been a key part of maintaining a low-risk environment.”

“We needed to respond quickly to reassure passengers and staff that decisive action was being taken on their behalf. SERVPRO’s decontamination service has been an important component of

Need Emergency COVID-19 cleaning?
Call 6507702992

COVID-19 Decontamination – Our Services

Our COVID-19 decontamination services are trusted and relied upon by some of the Bay Area biggest organizations. The safety of our customers and teams is our paramount concern. All our work is guided by bespoke risk assessments and method statements.

COVID-19 Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

SERVPRO Of Mountain View uses electrostatic spray technology proven to be greater than 99.99% effective against COVID-19. The ultrafine ionized mist spray wraps around objects, greatly improving coverage. Scientific studies show the specialist non-toxic disinfectant we use bonds to surfaces, actively destroying the COVID-19 virus and providing ongoing protection.
The system is:

  • Scientifically proven
  • Quick to apply
  • Fast acting
  • More effective than conventional area fogging
  • Repeatable to maintain protection

Ozone COVID-19 Disinfection

SERVPRO of Mountain View can deploy ozone disinfection machines that can thoroughly and effectively decontaminate enclosed spaces, such as rooms, vehicles and railway carriages, leaving them free of the COVID-19 virus.

Ozone, an ionized form of oxygen, destroys pathogens like bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. The system is ideal for carrying out regular treatment of spaces uses by employees and customers.

How Ozone Disinfection Works

The ozone machine is placed within the enclosed treatment area. When activated it sucks in air, turning the oxygen into ozone which is released back into the space. The ozone is left to destroy any pathogens, including COVID-19, for the required period. The process is then reversed, and the ozone is turned back into oxygen.

How We Deliver COVID-19 Decontamination

SERVPRO Of Mountain View has developed a structured 3-step process to ensure the COVID-19 decontamination we carry out is thorough, safe and effective. All our teams use appropriate PPE and safe working systems to reassure your staff and customers.

Step 1 – Deep clean.
Our operatives will thoroughly clean the area to be decontaminated to remove any dirt and grease, or other contaminates, that might impede the effectiveness of the disinfection process.

Step 2 – Disinfection.
We thoroughly apply our disinfection process, for example electrostatic spray, focusing on all possible touch points in the treatment area.

Step 3– Sanitize

Why Choose COVID-19 Protection From SERVPRO

  • SERVPRO Of Mountain View has been providing specialist emergency cleaning services. We are national experts in bio-hazard cleaning so have all the expertise, experience and resources needed to deliver effective COVID-19 decontamination.
  • Putting in place an effective Omicron COVID-19 decontamination program provides critical support for the safety and, just as importantly, the mental wellbeing of staff and customers. They will be confident that everything is being done to protect their safety.
  • Our Omicron COVID-19 disinfection service will help you protect operations that are critical to your business.
  • SERVPRO Of Mountain View COVID-19 decontamination is a sustainable and cost-effective approach to business continuity. We will help you maintain a COVID-19 secure environment for as long as you need to, so your organization comes through the pandemic resiliently, confidently and safely.

Covid-19 Cleaning and Decontamination

At SERVPRO Of Mountain View we have a team of highly skilled staff who specialize in Covid-19 Cleaning and Decontamination. We offer this service across the Bay Area

If you need to carry out emergency COVID-19 decontamination at your premises or provide long-term protection against surface or airborne transmission of the virus, call SERVPRO Of Mountain View today: 6507702992

water Damage

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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage has so many sources that it is impossible to consider them all. Common sources include rising water tables from heavy rain, washing machines, dishwashers, backed-up of sewers, faulty sprinkler systems, frozen pipes and leaking roofs. Each situation is unique and requires a different approach, which we are fully equipped to provide. 

Water damaged properties provide a ripe environment for the growth of mold. In order to prevent mold growth, it is imperative that a systemized drying system be initiated. Once started, we will monitor and record the environmental conditions within your property, including the relative humidity, temperature and the moisture content, to ensure that it is drying at an appropriate speed. Once your property is dry to pre-incident levels, we will issue you with a drying certificate so that any building or decorating work required may begin. Please note that if we are doing works to your property, as part of an insurance claim, we will issue the drying certificate to your claims management company as we are not authorized to provide this directly to you.  

SERVPRO Of Mountain View , Los Altos  is an IICRC certified firm, we are trained in Flood and Water Damage Restoration and Applied Structural Drying. We have a diverse inventory of drying equipment to extract water, to dry out the moisture and professional products to restore your water damaged property to pre-incident condition.

Our drying equipment:

We own a wide array of equipment to tackle water damaged, this includes but is not limited to
Significant Dehumidifiers drying units
AIR Movers Drying equipment
Speed Drying Systems
Drying Mat System

What you can expect from us:

Our initial undertakings will typically be to salvage personal items, provide immediate cleaning and sanitation and install any drying equipment to gain control of the internal atmosphere. A Health & Safety assessment will also be completed to ensure the area is safe for you and ready for our team to begin their work.

Any building materials that require effective removal from the property will be determined and detailed in our reports, with a clear understanding as to why barriers to evaporation are indeed required to be stripped out. If any contents have been affected SERVPRO Of Mountain View , Los Altos can confidently assess the extent of damage and inform the Insurance.

 outcome for their possible restoration and store. Examples of items we restore include:

  • Furniture
  • Artwork
    •Soft Furnishings
  • IT equipment and Documents

Our Flood & Water Damage Restoration service requires several stages:

  • We develop an accurate project cost estimate
  • We commence work immediately upon authorization
  • We extract and or pump out water
  • We remove damaged carpets, other floor coverings, skirting boards, plinths, damaged ceilings etc. (if authorized to do so)
  • We remove silt and other solid matter
  • We decontaminate and sanitize all affected surfaces using the appropriate professional products
  • We check and monitor moisture levels in floors, sub floors, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • We install drying equipment and monitor its effect

To find out more about the flood restoration work we carry out, get in touch with our team today on 6507702992 or  A member of our friendly customer service team will assist you with whatever you need.