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How to prevent Mold

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

How To Prevent Mold


According to the IICRC the humidity in homes should be in the region of 30-50%. If the humidity is higher than this, the chances of you developing mold in your home are higher.

Here at SERVPRO Of Mountain View, Los Altos  , we are a specialist provider of mold remediation services . We operate 24/7, 365 days a year to help our customers, providing services that can be fit to meet your personal requirements.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the ways you can prevent mold in your basement. Some of these are measures that can be taken without involving professionals, but with others you will need the assistance of specialists.

Keep the area tidy and organized

Ensuring your basement is kept neat and tidy is a key way you can prevent mold from developing. Having too many belongings in this area can halt air from circulating in the air properly. 

Materials stored in the basement, such as cardboard, clothes and books provide the perfect sustenance for mold. This growth thrives on decomposing organic matter, which it will find plenty of from these items.

Wherever possible, try and keep items off the floor and a good distance away from walls to help air to be ventilated properly. Additionally, having a clear out of possessions will free up space in the basement.

Taking measures like this reduces the likelihood of you experiencing mold in this location. However, if you do spot any signs of growth, it is important to contact the professionals promptly to have the issue remediated.

This is because mold can cause significant damage to homes.

Avoid decorating the space with plants

Although plants can brighten up a living space and make it more homely, they provide nutrients that help mold growth through their leaves and soil.

Spaces with large amounts of humidity and the presence of plants provide a great atmosphere for the development of mold. 

Another alternative is to invest in fake plants. Many on the market nowadays look as authentic as the real deal, and will help stop mold from occurring in this area of your house. 

Repair leakages

Leaks unfortunately often take place in basement areas, so it is important to have them repaired as soon as you notice them. 

Water that enters the basement through leaks can cause high amounts of moisture, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. If you don't frequent your basement a lot, the leak could go unnoticed for long periods of time which will make the mold worse.

Hiring in professional contractors to seal any holes in your facade is a good idea, as this will eliminate the source of the leakage. It is also advisable to inspect the area regularly for other issues with the exteriors that could lead to further leaks.

If you have suffered from flood damage as well as mold in your basement, our qualified technicians are on hand to help. They have years of experience in flood damage cleaning and will be able to solve the issue for you with their advanced technology and solutions. 

Consider insulation

Another way you can prevent mold in your basement is to invest in insulation. For example, you could add this to pipes in the area to stop condensation from occurring, or even in the walls.

Insulation will help regulate the temperature in the basement and can even help you save on your energy costs in the winter months. It also makes the room more comfortable if you use it as a living space.

The type of insulation you need will vary depending on your particular requirements, but professional contractors are well-equipped to choose the right solution for you. 

Ensure adequate ventilation

If you use your basement as a laundry room, then it is wise to have adequate ventilation in the area to stop mold growth. For example, this could be in the form of a fan to help air circulate, or opening any windows. 

Another way of ventilating the room is with a dehumidifier. This works by sucking high levels of moisture from the room, which is a good option if there is a lot of steam coming out of your washing appliances.

This equipment can create high humidity in basement areas, so it is crucial that you ensure ventilation within the room.

However, if you do find mold growth here, our expert technicians can help with our mold remediation. We are able to conduct a moisture survey to identify the particular type of mold that has developed, which we do by collecting samples to send to a lab. This will help us identify the source of the problem, and support our technicians in choosing the right treatment for you.

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What Damage Can Mold Cause To Homes?

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What Damage Can Mold Cause To Homes?


Mold can cause much damage to your home, from structural issues to harm to personal belongings

If mold is left to spread, the consequences can be severe and costly. It is important that you look out for signs of its growth around your home to spot it in its early stages.

Our mold specialists here at SERVPRO Of Mountain View, Los Altos have the skills and knowledge to deal with all kinds of mold. In cases of emergency, we can be on site within the hour to carry out remediation work.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the ways that mold can damage your home if it goes untreated.

Structural damage

Structural harm caused by mold can be wide ranging, from damaging floorboards to insulation.

Mold spores consume organic materials, which there are many examples of in the average home. This process can eventually lead to destruction of various materials in the building.

If you suspect any mold growth in your home, get it looked at swiftly. This will enable professionals to work on the problem and identify if there is any structural damage occurring.

When mold is not treated for long periods of time, the consequences can be great. The home could even be deemed uninhabitable in some cases.

Dry rot

Dry rot is very destructive if it takes root within wood. Once it has been discovered, rapid treatment is required.

It is a very serious issue for homes to face, and tends to be found mostly in rooms with inadequate ventilation. However, it can develop anywhere in buildings.

The issue can travel rapidly, resulting in further harm to the premises. To protect everyone's well-being, you should have your home investigated regularly by professional to check for this issue.

They will know how to find dry rot growth. Though it may be costly, consider enhancing ventilation as well wherever you can to prevent instances of dry rot.

Do not leave the problem unchecked, however, as the integrity of the site may be put at risk.

Roof leaks

Leaks can occur in any room of the house, but one of the main culprits is often attics.

The types of Mold that can result from roof leaks are:

  • Systemic growth - In this case, mold will spread all over the space as a result of moisture.
  • Limited growth - Here. mold growth is not as widespread, and will generally not have travelled far from its original source. 

Once you have identified a leak in your property, it is important to have it dealt with quickly to prevent further damage. Professional contractors will be able to treat the leak proficiently, and help to make the building safe to live in once more.

Mold that has developed from leak is usually the result of condensation. This is a familiar problem for households throughout the UK, especially in the winter when temperatures are much cooler than usual.

Damage to personal property

It can be very difficult to remove mold spores from your belongings, such as furniture or clothing. Sometimes, it may even be necessary for the items to be disposed of.

Mold spores are able to easily settle into materials and often unnoticed. For example, if furniture is placed against walls or if there is a mold growth in a wardrobe that you do not use frequently, you may not spot it.

This is why it is so important to check your home consistently for any signs of mold. Spores may cause irrevocable damage to your prized possessions, so staying on top of early signs of mold is always a good idea.

Should you need it, our technicians are able to remove any waste from your home as part of our service.

HVAC system

Mold may present itself anywhere in your house, even in your HVAC system. Treating mold in this area of the house may be tricky, though, due to the size of the space.

These systems play an important role in the functioning of your home, so any mold growth will need to be sorted. If you do identify any fungus, then it is best to hire the help of trained cleaners.

The appearance of fungi in HVAC systems is mainly down to moisture, which is very common in homes. The system becoming blocked up is one of the ways molds could develop. 

Professional mold cleaners are able to get the source of the issue and remedy it efficiently. At ICE Cleaning, we can send mold spores to get tested to identify the particular type of growth. Following treatment of the issue, our specialists will give advice to prevent the mold from reoccurring.

Mold remediation services

Our technicians are  Professional accredited, and have years of experience in treating mold.

One of the key ways to stop mold is to practice prevention techniques. For more information about how you can halt mold growth

. This works by combining fogging technology with a persistent solution to help protect against harmful bacteria and viruses for a period of up to 28 days.

Whether you are a commercial or domestic customer, the technology can work in your environment

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Mold Removal services

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Treating Mold Mold Removal Services and Mold Cleaning

1-Mold Removal Services and Mold Cleaning

Mold is caused by a moisture issue within the area where it’s growing. This could occur because of any number of things, including water ingress from flooding/leaks, poor ventilation or damp patches. The first step to mold remediation is to have a mold survey carried out by a trained Technician specialist. They will advise you whether it is safe to reside in the property and forward you a detailed plan of what is required to eradicate the problem.

SERVPRO Of Mountain View/Los Altos/Los Altos Hills are Certified  mold remediation specialists. This means that if you have a mold problem in a domestic or commercial premises – big or small – we’re the company to help

Trained Professionals

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

MOLD cleanup - technician in PPE Treated Mold Under mobile house

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation encompasses identifying and addressing mold issues in a structure. Mold remediation prevents the spread of mold by isolating damaged areas, removing affected material and eliminating moisture sources – the cause of the mold – in order to reestablish a healthy environment.

What is involved in mold remediation?

Mold remediation involves mold clean up and removal by SERVPRO® specialists to address the damage and health risks associated with mold. Cleaning with bleach and water will not kill mold. Moldy material must be removed and the damaged area reconstructed; therefore mold remediation is best left to a professional trained to handle hazardous material and eliminate the spread of mold to other rooms.


A SERVPRO Technician will come to your building to assess and locate the source of the problem. He will then formulate a mold remediation plan.


The source of the moisture problem is addressed and the affected area is closed off to avoid contaminating the rest of your building with mold spores stirred up during the removal process.