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Contents manipulation and cover

Contents manipulation and cover

This house got unfortunate damaged in Texas when the Storm happened , and that's how we covered all contents before we start our Job. 

Bathroom - carpet and pad removed

Bathroom - carpet and pad removed

Bathroom - carpet and pad removed in Texas ,Fixing what the Storm Had damaged.

Crown molding and baseboards removed

Crown molding and baseboards removed

Our Technicians were Helping In Texas Fixing what the Storm Had Damaged


COVID-19 Sanitizing /Desinfecting

COVID-19 Sanitizing /Disinfecting Commercial office.  

Our fellow Team

COVID-19 Sanitizing /Desinfecting

Meet Our Fellow Team 

Water Damage

Water Damage in San Jose, CA

Accidents happen. This is the aftermath of a faucet accidentally left on causing flooding of the entire 3-level house. All flooring, walls and ceiling had to be removed to mitigate the water damage and dry affected substructure. 

Smoke Remediation

Smoke Remediation in Sunnyvale, CA

Fires, even when put out right away, can still leave unpleasant smell in your home. Along with cleaning affected surfaces, we use a combination of air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to get rid of the smell "Like it never even happened."

Roof Tarping

Roof Tarping in Ben Lomond, CA

This homeowner was fortunate that no one got hurt when the neighbor's tree fell on their house during a wind storm. We had to use several tarps to cover damaged part of the roof to protect the house from the coming rains until it can be repaired.

Flood Damage

Flood Damage in Aptos, CA

This house had six inches of standing water throughout the bottom level of the house due to flooding after heavy rains. After the water dissipated, we removed affected flooring and walls to sanitize and dry the substructure.

COVID Cleaning

COVID Cleaning in Sunnyvale, CA

This business in Sunnyvale, CA wanted to make sure all the employees were safe to return to work.

The process of COVID cleaning involves spraying the disinfectant specifically formulated for SERVPRO and wiping all surfaces.