Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen affected by water from water filtration unit

Water damage due to a faulty water filtration unit

Half of this home got affected by water from a water filtration unit that decided to burst and spray water everywhere! Luckily, the homeowner was home and was able to turn off the water before the whole house got flooded.

Project manager is using a water extraction machine to remove water from carpet

Using state of the art equipment to extract water

Using state of the art water extraction machine to extract large amount of water that came from broken water heater in the unit above. This Rover takes corners with ease and provides maximum extraction on all types of carpet.

Water Damage

Water Damage in San Jose, CA

Accidents happen. This is the aftermath of a faucet accidentally left on causing flooding of the entire 3-level house. All flooring, walls and ceiling had to be removed to mitigate the water damage and dry affected substructure. 

Flood Damage

Flood Damage in Aptos, CA

This house had six inches of standing water throughout the bottom level of the house due to flooding after heavy rains. After the water dissipated, we removed affected flooring and walls to sanitize and dry the substructure.