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Technician in water proof suit extracting water from crawlspace

Businesses help other businesses

This crawlspace had so much water from a broken pipe, the plumber had to reach out to SERVPRO to extract water several times and spread absorbent, so they can repair the pipe.

Technician in white suit and full face mask sending subfloor in crawlspace

Mold in crawlspace is a tough job!

Mold in crawlspace is a tough job to do, but someone has to!

The technicians have to be in full protective gear, laying on their backs, sending the mold off of the subfloor before sanitizing and encapsulating it.

Broken sliding glass door boarded up with plywood

An emergency board up in the middle of the night

Emergencies happen at any time of day or night. This board up needed to be done late at night because a dog went through the sliding glass door. The dog is okay and the sliding glass door got repaired.

Our fellow Team

COVID-19 Sanitizing /Desinfecting

We at SERVPRO of Mountain View, Los Altos care about our customers and ensure that everyone follows strict guidelines for protecting themselves and the customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.